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Scrumpy Jack the donkey

Famous Scrumpy Jack was used for a Help for Heroes shoot this Christmas!

Scrumpy Jack Help Heroes

Scrumpy Jack has now got his own facebook because he has become so popular and loved by all so please follow him to keep up to date!

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Scrumpy Jack picking up bride Lottie our daughter, and her groom Paul at our village church.

Scrumpy Jack Pulling Cart

Scrumpy Jack can now pull a cart!! We have been training Scrumpy Jack to pull a donkey cart beautifully created by Tim.

Scrumpy Jack Pulling Cart
Scrumpy Jack Photo Shoot

Scrumpy Jack gets famous by the day! He is going to be on ITV TV, and now in a wedding magazine!

Scrumpy Jack Photo Shoot

Scrumpy is being very naughty, here is just some of his damage.. also caused by his partner in crime Lily

Today, Scrumpy went out on his first ever ride! Sophie was light enough to ride him, so we set off (with Lucy on Ariel) for a stroll around the village. He was fantastic! This was his first ride and he was learning the aids quick, he just isn't very patient when he has to stand still!

Scrumpy Jack Training Riding Scrumpy Jack Training Riding

Scrumpy Jack is now undergoing training to be ridden (hopefully!( and led without running off! He is doing very well and certainly getting the hang of it.

Scrumpy Jack Training Scrumpy Jack

He has also attempted to eat his way through the fence to the Shepherds Hut! Tim was very angry and put some yucky sticky stuff on the fence to try and keep him away. We now throw him a few logs in the field which he happily carries around in his mouth like his friend Pudding the dog

Scrumpy Jack Training

Scrumpy Jack was born on the 3rd March 2008 at Burley in the New Forest. He was often to be seen sheltering from the rain in the local bus stop and wandering across the local golf course much to the annoyance of the golf players!

Scrumpy Jack Scrumpy Jack Scrumpy Jack

He also had a taste for the occasional cream tea and would often steal the odd scone when no one was looking from the local tea room!

Scrumpy Jack Scrumpy Jack

He came to live at The Old Forge when he was 6 months old and arrived during the apple season. He quickly took a liking to our apples in the orchard (hence his name Scrumpy Jack!)

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